Tuesday, August 28, 2012

I smiled today at a lady and she backed up and asked if she could tell me something...Of course I say yes..

Out pours her story...it's sad and lonely and desperate.  She said she told me it was because I smiled at her.  You might say, stop being so nice.  It wasn't a long conversation, I think she was genuine.  She wasn't asking for money, she just needed to say things out loud.  I listened, prayed with her and then wondered did I do enough?  

I am always telling my youth and my boys to be the person who shares light with someone...you never know what is going on in someone's heart.  The hurt, the loneliness, depression, deep sorrow that someone is facing.  We are good at covering up the hurt aren't we?  

The Lord is good and gracious, rich in compassion....I'm trying to be the same.  


  1. sweet story. you ARE that gracious person to so many around you...love you.

  2. agreed with Holly..love this and love you.

  3. You are the awesome friends from LBC I've ever knew since i came to LBC